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Monika Remiszewska appointed Group Director People and Development at Ringier Axel Springer Media AG

Dec222015 founds new subsidiary United Classifieds s.r.o. for all its classifieds business


Ringier Axel Springer Slovakia and Appoints Martin Troják (36) as Chief Operations Officer (COO)


Daniel Harcek appointed CTO of Ringier Axel Springer Slovakia and

Nový Čas víkend

Periodicity: supplement of Saturday’s issue of Nový Čas
Category: weekend TV supplement
Sold circulation: 153 268 (ABC SR, June 2014)
Reading rate (projection): 494 902 (MML TGI, 16.9.2013-30.3.2014)

Reading rate in %: 11,1 % (MML TGI, 16.9.2013-30.3.2014)

Price: separately not for sale

Format: 205 x 280 mm
Number of pages: 48 and more
Colour scheme: 4+4
Paper: 52g/m2 SC-B
Print: Slovenská Grafia a. s., Bratislava


Marián Múdry
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