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Editor-in-chief: Newsroom

Júlia Kováčová came to Ringier in 2005, she later became the deputy editor-in-chief and in 2008 the editor-in-chief of daily Nový Čas. She is the member of Mass Media Communication Department at the University in Trnava.

Editor-in-chief: Nový Čas pre ženy, Nový Čas pre ženy Extra, Nový Čas Bývanie

Monika Huljaková has several years’ experiences in the editorial team of daily Nový Čas. Since 2003 she has been the editor-in-chief of weekly Nový Čas pre ženy, since 2005 she has been at the same time the editor-in-chief of monthly Nový Čas Bývanie. She is also in charge of the book’s series edition of this publishing house.

Editor-in-chief: Eva, Madam Eva, Adam

Katarína Patvarošová worked in the publishing houses Živena and Danubiapress. She came into editorial team of the magazine Eva as the fashion editor in 1993 and since 1999 she has been its editor-in-chief. She has been also editor-in-chief of the magazine Madam Eva since 2009.

Editor-in-chief: AUTO BILD

Luboš Kamenistý is the Chief Editor at AUTO BILD. He is a prolific editor with decades of  auto-moto journalism experience. He joined RAS SK as an Editor for Nový Čas in 2005, later he was appointed Deputy Editor-in-Chief. In 2010 he became responsible for the AUTO BILD magazine.