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Milan Dubec
General Manager RAS SK

Milan Dubec was named RAS Slovakia CEO on Feb 13th 2015 and also becomes a co-shareholder of RAS Slovakia holding 11% of shares. Milan is the founder, and hereby a co-shareholder and serves also as CEO of the leading Slovakian online portal Azet.

Peter Hollý
Finance Director RAS SK

Peter Hollý has over 10 years of experience in renowned audit companies such as Ernst & Young, Deloitte, and Arthur Andersen. Before joining Ringier Axel Springer Slovakia, he held the position of Senior Audit Manager at Ernst & Young Slovakia. 

Roman Fülöp
Sales Director

Roman Fülöp achieved some years of experiences as the Senior Manager for Slovakia in the company Mediatel. He has been active as Commercial (Advertising) Director in the publishing house Ringier Axel Springer Slovakia since January 2004.

Tomáš Doubrava
Human Resources Director

Tomáš Doubrava  joined the company in October 2016. Prior to that he has worked as HR Director for the media company Markíza - Slovakia s. r. o. for several years. He also gained experience with people management in the health sector, where he held several national and international positions.

Martin Pastierovič
Publishing Director Magazines

Martin Pastierovič began to work for Ringier Axel Springer Slovakia in 2000 as editor of weekly Eurotelevízia. In 2005 he became Editor-in-Chief of weekly Nový Čas Ľudia and since 2008 the Online Editor-in-Chief. Till the end of 2013 he functioned as Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Newsroom and head of its online section. In the years 2014 - 2016 he was in charge of the company’s digital transformation. 

Beata Jekkelová
Head of Distribution

Beata Jekkelová during 2000 - 2006 she successfully coordinated the distribution of RAS Slovakia´s portfolio. Later on she started her career for media publisher 7 Plus Inc., where she focused on distribution process to comprehensive market analysis. She launched her career in publisher Novy Cas.

Martin Stanecký
Head of Production

Martin Stanecký joined the Ringier Axel Springer Slovakia in 2008 as Head of the graphic advertising team. Prior to joining RAS Slovakia he worked as a graphic designer for an advertising agency and publisher of Generation Y magazine, Init Inc..

Monika Žakovská
Chief Digital Publishing Officer

Monika Žakovská joined Ringier Axel Springer Slovakia in September 2016. Besides the Chief Digital Publishing Officer position, she also in charge for the project She previously worked as a Digital Media Director at the Starmedia media agency.