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Milan Dubec appointed General Manager of Ringier Axel Springer Slovakia

With immediate effect, Milan Dubec (34) will – in addition to his current role as CEO of the Slovakian online portal Azet – become General Manager of Ringier Axel Springer Slovakia. Moreover Milan Dubec will hold minority shares in Ringier Axel Springer Slovakia while his minority share in Azet, which was founded by him, will be reduced. This means he will hold equal minority shares in both companies in the future. Since October 2014 he has managed the company on an interim basis together with Martin Mihálik, who will remain Chief Financial Officer.

Milan Dubec founded the leading Slovakian online portal Azet in 1997. Azet, in which Ringier Axel Springer Slovakia holds the majority since 2010 reaches 83.2 percent of all internet users in Slovakia (Megapanel 12/2014).

Mark Dekan, CEO of Ringier Axel Springer Media AG: “Ringier Axel Springer Slovakia will be managed by one of the most successful digital natives in this country. In Milan Dubec we have an entrepreneurial-minded General Manager who will foster an even closer cooperation between Azet and Ringier Axel Springer Slovakia, bring the digitization of our business in Slovakia to a whole new level and assure profitable growth. I am delighted to continue working with Milan on our strong commitment to turn Ringier Axel Springer into the leading digital publishing company in Slovakia.”


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Nikoleta Šlachtová appointed Marketing Director for

With immediate effect Nikoleta Šlachtová (44) becomes – in addition to her current role as Marketing Director for Ringier Axel Springer Slovakia – also Marketing Director for In her new post she will focus on strengthening all mutual marketing activities and give support to all brands of both companies on the market.

As part of this goal, she will focus on creating an effective communication pipeline, thus promoting all brands, as well all classified products and community websites, not excluding other various benefits that both companies provide their clients, users and readers.

Milan Dubec, CEO Axel Springer Slovakia and"This step clearly endorses our commitment for closer cooperation between Azet and Ringier Axel Springer Slovakia. Both companies focus on their strong brands and innovation. At the same time we are determined to turn Ringier Axel Springer into the leading digital publishing company in a great asset to us with her rich experience in marketing of print and digital products as well as experience in other industries.

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“Pop the Fuzzy” game is the winner of Ringier Axel Springer ‘Free to Play’ competition

Over 300 individuals and teams from Central and Eastern Europe submitted their apps to Ringier Axel Springer’s Free to Play App Competition. Participants were invited to apply with one or more games, which they have developed for iOS. The winner was “Pop the Fuzzy” and it is available from today on at the Apple store under the link

The prize for the winning app, which was developed by the company “Level bit”, is 20.000 Euro in cash from Ringier Axel Springer and advertising space for the promotion of the game in Poland, Slovakia and Serbia worth a total of 500.000 Euro. The prize was handed over by Mark Dekan, CEO of Ringier Axel Springer Media AG on May 6 in Belgrade.

Milos Zivanovic, CEO of “Level bit”: "Winning this international competition held by the Ringier Axel Springer is very important to us. It recognizes our creativity and programming skills and gives us exposure to promote this game on a large scale.”

Protić, who initiated the competition, said: “I wish to congratulate Milos Zivanovic and “Level bit“ for this exciting and funny game. The Jury, which consisted of experts from our organizations, had a tough time selecting the winner. We received an impressive number of games. I wish to thank all the applicants for sending us their great gaming ideas. “Pop the Fuzzy” has certainly great potential to become a very popular game. I am sure that the international gaming community will like it. With this contest, we have helped surface the enormous creativity and technological know-how that countries in Central and Eastern Europe have.”

The game is available from today on in the Apple store. Play and have fun!

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Ringier Axel Springer Slovakia launches Nový Čas Energie

The leading daily Nový Čas provide households across Slovakia easy access to energy  with better prices thanks to an entirely new offer on the Slovak energy market - Nový Čas Energie. Electricity cheaper, simply and without long-term contract.

Ringier Axel Springer Slovakia launches Nový Čas Energie and offers easy access to energy with low prices. Nový Čas got united with an experienced and stabile partner - ČEZ Slovakia (member of ČEZ Group). “ČEZ Group is one of the most important energy companies in Europe. In Slovakia we are offering cheaper electricity for 7 years and we believe that by providing Nový Čas Energie we will gain new satisfied customers, who will by changing their supplier definitely save money," said Stanislav Kovalík, Retail Director of ČEZ Slovakia.

Nový Čas Energie offers electricity without long-term contract, with interesting financial bonuses, excellent customer service and most important: a guarantee of the best price on the market compared to traditional suppliers. Changing to Nový Čas Energie is not only beneficial but also easy, as we manage the change of electricity supplier for you.

"Electricity should not have the attribute luxurious. It is a constant commodity, there's no quicker or more radiant one. Electricity is always the same. Therefore we see no reason why the customers should pay more. The customers of Nový Čas Energie will always have guaranteed better rates compared to traditional suppliers," says Andrej Bábsky, Business Development Manager at Ringier Axel Springer Slovakia.

For detailed information visit the official website of Nový Čas Energie (available from Saturday 15.2.2014). It gives an overview of all the benefits and bonuses of the service, contact details and a practical calculator to calculate the efficient use of electricity depending on the individual needs.

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